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Visit us at NAB 2015

Visit us at the 2015 NAB April 13th – 16th  BOOTH # OE907    Sure Shot’s newest truck, KMHD, will be on display at NAB this year. Sure Shot Teleproductions will be making its annual appearance at the NAB Show in the outdoor mobile units exhibit booth # OE907.  We are happy… Read More


Sure Shot Launches Newest Combination Production/ Uplink Mobile Unit

KMHD is first in fleet to combine expanded production capabilities with C-band uplink transmission Sure Shot Teleproductions announced today the launch of the newest member of its fleet. KMHD is the first to offer a combination of expanded production capabilities with a C-band uplink transmission system in one mobile unit. It… Read More

Guarantee The Success Of Your Next Remote Broadcast
Sure Shot Teleproductions works with you every step of the way to guarantee the success of your next event. Here are 8 important places where Sure Shot's logistics and engineering management team serve you before, during and after your telecast:

Site Survey

Performing a site survey will greatly enhance your chances for a successful event. Determining parking, power, cable runs and line of site issues all play a factor in doing a remote broadcast. 30 Days prior to the event is advisable.

Select your Mobile Units

Every show has its own unique requirements. Choosing the proper production truck to meet your production and budgeting needs is a great start to a successful event.

Set Day

If budgets permit a set day, this greatly enhances your chances for a seamless broadcast. The extra day allows time for the travel delays and technical issues that can and do happen when doing a remote broadcast.

Show Day

If a set day is not possible, it is important to allow ample time prior to your event to complete set up and fax the mobile production unit a minimum of 2 hours before the start of the event. Set, shoot and strike shows can incur overtime charges that occur after industry standard 10 hours on site for the production crew.


Selecting the crew for your event can and will have a direct impact on the quality of your production. With all the new HD equipment in the market place, be sure that the crew you hire is experienced with equipment on the mobile unit of choice.

Satellite Space Segment

If satellite transmission service is required for your event, it is vitally important to select a satellite that you can clearly see with no obstructions. Just as important, is to verify with your downlink site or sites that they can see the satellite as well.


The more information you can put on paper and distribute to your on-site personnel prior to your event the better. Proper, prior planning prevents many of the problems that can arise during the course of a live broadcast.

Good Night

After completing a successful broadcast, calling in a good night to your uplink truck and satellite carrier ensures that you will not incur overrun charges that may not be necessary.

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